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Labouchere System

Labouchere system is a good strategy that you can apply in order to overcome blackjack. It is not as popular as the martingale system and Card counting but it robs shoulder with them when it comes to its effectiveness and simplicity.


It is based on the mathematical principle. But gamblers encountered problem in understanding this strategy at the initial time. To apply this strategy, you have to determine the amount you will like to make in your first session of the game. It is likely for some gamblers to take huge sum but it is better to take small amount until you master the game.

Having determined the amount that you will like to win then you have to write down some positive numbers whose sum will be equal to the amount that you want to win. We will be using $30 as example. Any range of numbers is accepted in so far as their total is equal to $30. You can choose 6, 10, 4, 4, 5, and 1. Any other combination of numbers can also be used in so far as the total is $30.

To begin your betting, add the two numbers at the two extremes of the line series and wager with their sum. In our example 6 and 1 will be used. Their sum is $7. If the bet is won, we will cross out the two numbers and then continue betting with the next two numbers following them. Betting will continue in that pattern.

But if the bet is lost we have to add the amount that has been lost at the end of the series. After that the game should continue.

What happens in the end?

Betting will continue as explained above until all the numbers have been cross out. When you have crossed out all the numbers in the lines, check you earning. You will be surprise to find out that you have actually succeeded in achieving your aim. The amount you would earn will be equal to the amount that you have already determined in the beginning that you will win.

However, sometimes luck can run out of you and you will be losing consecutively. When this happens, you may not be able to continue betting because you might have gotten to the table's limit. This means that you have accrued huge loss which you cannot recover.

Just like Martingale system, this system also has its own shortcoming. It is not the best system available. There are quite a good number of strategies that you can apply to overcome blackjack online. So, it is simple for you to discover one.

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