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Parlay System

Parlay betting system was born in Italy in the 16th or 17th century. This system can be called pyramiding and let it ride. This is meant to supply for the imperfection of the Martingale system as well as other systems where the gambler has to add to his bets in order to make up for losses. It is a positive progression system. In this system the player is expected to add his winnings and then initial bet that comes before a winning and then stake with the sum.

In order to start this strategy, the player has to set up a unit, for example $10. If the player does not win another bet of the same amount will be made also by the player. The player will maintain this betting pattern until he wins.


When the player wins he will add the winning to the original betting amount and then wager with the sum. For example, if a player's initial betting amount is $10 and wins $15, then the next betting amount should be $25. If this bet of $25 is lost, the player goes back to the initial betting amount which is $10. But if he wins a blackjack that pays 3:2 he will be earning $100. It is now left for the player to decide whether to continue with the pattern or to go away with his gain.

This system helps gamblers to profit from the winning streaks of blackjack. This means that $10 will win a minimum of $70 after 3 uninterrupted wins. The player would have made some gain after 3 successive wins before making a loss.

The advantages of this system

Parlay system is very simple. However, the beauty of the system lies in the fact that stakes are relatively low when the luck is not on the side of the player but the reverse is the case when the player is winning. This is indeed better than going after a loss.

Parlay betting system has a solution to the situations of splitting and pushes as well as doubling down.In such circumstances a player has to continue playing in so far as there is still money left on the table. It is left for the player to decide when to stop and part away with his earning.

Most of the players stop after they might have won three successive times in the row. They will begin with another one unit wager.There are also some players that end the row after four winnings. The odds of winning remain the same in each of the hands in the game. But the prizes won are not the same. The reward for the one additional hand in the series is huger.

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