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Paroli System

Paroli system reverses the Martingale system. It does not tell gamblers to chase their losses; it tells them to go for big bets while playing with the house stakes. This system brings more fun to gambling, but you should know that it does not in any way eliminate or reduces the house advantage of the casino game.

You can apply this system to more than one game. You can use it in roulette as well as in craps. This is because each of them has the even money bet such as bet on pass line in craps and then bet on the red or black in roulette. In the light of the above, the first thing that you have to do in order to apply this strategy is to decide on the game to play.

Usually, it is good for you to begin with bets of $5. Then you need to play until your money increases after three wins. The table shows how it will work out.

According this system, when you have won 3 bets as shown in the table above, you have to save your winnings and then begin a new table again. When you are applying this strategy in the manner of the above, you can only loss $5 in a round. This is unlike Martingale system where you lose huge amount of money when luck is against you.

The disadvantages

Paroli system does project itself as the best system that will guarantee you a win. You have to know that the system has nothing do with the odd of winning in any of the game. In other words, it does not alter the odd of any game to the advantage of the player. The game still does not favour the players as it favours the house. The house advantage is still greater than that of the players.

The promoters of this strategy are of the opinion that the system will help you to earn money during hot streaks and then reduces your losses during your bad streaks. But this is not the case no matter how plausible it may sound theoretically. In practice, this does not work. This is because streaks do not exist in gambling. In other words there are no streaks for gamblers to take advantage of.

You can only take advantage of the even betting system the Paroli system offer you and then you play with your earning. It is likely that you will lose if you play for a prolong time.

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