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Roulette Basics

It goes without saying that roulette appears to be the unique and unrivalled casino game. Actually, it is known to be the only gambling game, where the ball is utilized. Moreover, roulette turns out to involve Lady Luck rather than pure skills. Still, it makes the game even more amusing and thrilling.

How to Play Roulette

Actually, roulette is rather elementary gambling game. The first and foremost thing in it is to put a wager. In fact, a gambler should try to predict where the ball will fall. To make a stake, a gambler should put specific chips on the numbers of the table layout, which turn out to correspond to the pockets on the wheel.

Afterwards, the dealer is known to announce that no more wagers are allowed. Then, he is supposed to spin the roulette wheel and throw the ball. The gamblers wait till the ball stops and see whether they happen to win or not.

Roulette Wheel

As it was stated above, roulette is played with the help of some special equipment. Roulette wheel turns out to be integral part of it. Moreover, it should be mentioned that roulette wheels are likely to be subdivided into 2 categories: European wheel and American wheel.

As far as French or European wheel is concerned, it turns out to include 36 pockets of different colors (black or red) and various numbers (from 1 to 36). Besides, there is one more "zero" pocket, which appears to be rather vital for the game, as it determines the odds. In European roulette it is believed to be about 2.7%.

As for American wheel, there is additional "zero" pocket. This difference may seem to be slight at first sight, but it should be underlined that it results in increasing of the house edge. Indeed, it turns out to be 5.4% in American roulette.

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