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Video Poker Card Game

Actually, it should be noted that video poker card game turns out to be a mix of slots and a poker. Like in slots, in video poker random number generator is utilized. In fact, cards are dealt to a gambler with its help.

On the other side, like in traditional poker, the goal in video poker turns out to collect a winning hand of cards.

How to Play Video Poker

First of all, it should be noted that a gambler should put a stake in order to commence a game. The denomination of the wager may be selected by means of particular buttons.

Usually, it is possible to choose between $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2 and $5in this casino game. By the way various betting systems may be utilized to increase the winnings in video poker.

Afterwards, a player should hit the so-called "Deal" button. As a result of this, he is supposed to be dealt with 5 cards, which appears to constitute his primary hand.

Furthermore, a gambler has a possibility to substitute the cards, which he finds to be unnecessary for him. To do this a player should decide what cards he is eager to keep and substitute the rest. Virtually, he may do that by means of the"Hold" button. The cards will be dealt to a gambler one more time.


It should be mentioned that if a gambler happens to obtain a winning combination, he is sure to be paid out accordingly. Indeed, the stronger hand a player appears to have, the more money he is supposed to be paid out. Besides, all the vital info concerning the payouts can be found in the payout table.

Basic Hands in Video Poker

In fact, there is no doubt that it appears to be extremely vital to be aware of the winning hands in video poker. Below, you have a possibility to look through them.

A Pair - appears to be a hand, which includes 2 cards of identical rank.

2 Pair - is a combination of 2 pairs.

3 of a Kind - turns out to be a combination of 3 cards of identical rank.

Straight - is known to be a hand which contains 5 consecutive cards.

Flush - is a combination of 5 cards of identical color.

Full House - turns out to be a combination of a pair and 3 of a kind.

4 of a Kind - appears to be a hand, which includes 4 identical cards.

Straight Flush - is a combination of flush and straight.

Royal Flush - is a hand, which contains 5 strongest consecutive of identical suit.

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