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Martingale System

One of the things which differentiates roulette system from other systems is that you can make many bets at the same time if you know how to do it.

It is better to show this with an example. If a table minimum bet is 50 cent and maximum bets of $25. In roulette system you can use your betting amount to make several bets at the same time in so far as you did not exceed the limit. If you bet $1 on each of the 18 reds numbers, you have made a total of 18$ bets. This is the same as when you bet $18 on a specific red number. If you win any of the bets you will be losing the rest of the bets.

But this is an advantage on your side. The payout on bets on single numbers is 35:1 so you will be winning 35 dollar for the $1 dollar bet that have won. In actual sense you will be gaining extra $18 when you subtract the $17 that you have lost. But you will be losing all your money if none of the numbers wins.

Martingale system at a glance

Martingale system is among the popular strategies used in roulette. This is far from meaning that others are not effective. Martingale strategy suggests that you double your bet each time you lose. But if you win you go back to your original bet. This means that if you start betting with a dollar and you lose it, you have to wager again with $2. If you lose that bet, you are also expected to double your next bet and that will be $4. You will continue in this manner until you win. Once you make your winning, you have to continue with your initial betting amount.

When you win along the line in the series, you will gain $1 more than the total of your losses. For example if your losses are 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 all in dollar, the total will be $31. You have to wager $32 at the next bet and this is one dollar above your losses. So, if you finally win at this point, you will be gaining extra one dollar.

If you have not gotten to the betting limits and your bankroll is huge enough, you can apply this strategy and make huge amount from it. However, you should know that it is not possible to have unfinished bankroll. Besides, casinos, like have minimum and maximum amount due to this system. The implication of this is very simple. You will lose huge amount when you reach the table's limit and you cannot double again.

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